oscar poll


the reason why I uploaded this poll is that I cannot decide what to do. I am inspired by the song chasing pavements. there are two photo.s of me which firts one represents the time around at the beginning of this year I was thinking that “oh well, I guess finally I reached the happiness,I have what I wanted for all those years,the work,the school,a house belongs to me…what the hell!?” and “I thought I was doing fine and will be doing fine” in which I was represented by second one.

bu oylamayı yükleme sebebim ne yapacağıma karar veremememdir. chasing pavements şarkısından esinlendim. iki fotoğrafın ilkinde “sanırım oldu, mutluluk bu, yapıyorum bu işi, istediğim her şey elimde, daha ne?” der gibiyim. “her şey yoluna girdi sanıyordum ve iyi yapmaya devam edeceğimi…” de ikincisinde.


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