you name it


I am  heavy. as much as I cannot load no more, I dunno name of the thing what within me is.

brain wide open, brain with no focus… billions of thoughts are floating.

it’s been 5 months, I cannot write, even a scratch, even a line. I only have words, only words that mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive.

this night, for the first time I had a drop while thinking of dady and I was sober. I hardly named it.

I feel full, no milk, no oatmeal, no dinner, likewise before no lunch.

expression is unknown, body language cannot be defined.

singing and listening same song over and over again for anonymous neverbeloved:

I don’t want anything more
than to see your face when you open the door
you’ll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea
and we’ll get a chinese and watch tv
tomorrow we’ll take the dog for a walk
and in the afternoon then maybe we’ll talk
I’ll be exhausted so i’ll probably sleep
and we’ll get a chinese and watch tv.


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