a recipe a guide a how to use

this post dedicated for myself to convince myself there are no other ways to demonstrate to me,
to this situation in this case, within this ease
covered upon sanity,
innocent of  Lord’s path
embraced by the bare truth that I have to admit
what I was being tried to refuse I am fettered
and I just stare blinding green shiny hills through my dark red bloody elbows,
here I was rebelling,
there again for the name of the god sake, for the name of the god to my fate
here I was refusing again I have sweared to god using my mouth what it’s created by him via the words
I sweared lifes
of times
that these hands this heart I carried for 26years
will not be shaking again.

cut the bold lines, you do not love bold lines anymore.

annihilate the residuals, admit it is a part of your job.

consult to the professions, be aware of you cannot be everything expert.

respect to your weapon, it kept you alive.

be mindful to use your resources, you have been collecting consistently.

be grateful of your experiences, collide them, forget original colors.

use every possibility you’ve got, forgive misleaded colors.

embrace the consequences, stand for what you built up, learn to accept there will be always missing letters that will make the situation broken if you give a way to happen. do not.


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